'That's some healthy brain fluid': 'Bachelor' star says her daughter is 'trying to wake up' after severe brain injury

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Michelle Money posed with a bag of her 15-year-old daughter Brielle's "healthy brain fluid." (Images via Instagram)

Former “Bachelor” star Michelle Money gave fans an update on her daughter’s condition, more than a week after the teen suffered a traumatic head injury.

Money took to social media to tell fans her 15-year-old daughter Brielle has had “so many wins” after a skateboarding accident left her with severe brain trauma and multiple skull fractures.

In an Instagram video, Money said Brielle no longer requires the anesthetic Propofol. Propofol is often used to sedate people requiring medical ventilation and was given to Brielle who Money revealed had been on life support at Intermountain Children’s Primary Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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“We got her off of the Propofol,” Money happily told followers. “We got her off of the paralyzing agent. I watched my daughter try to cough. She’s coming back. It’s been such a good day. It’s been rough, she’s been up and down, but she’s good, she’s stable. She’s trying to wake up.”

Money shared a video to Instagram stories from Brielle’s hospital room, with a bag of fluids next to her daughter’s bed

Michelle Money shared a photo of herself with a bag of her daughter's "healthy brain fluid." (Image via Instagram).

“If any of you are wondering what brain fluid looks like, that’s Brielle’s brain fluid. That’s some healthy brain fluid,” she said.

Money then shared a photo of herself holding the bag with the caption, “Just holding my daughter’s brain fluid! What are you up to?”

Despite the progress, the 39-year-old single mother acknowledged that there is still a long way to go in her daughter’s recovery.

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“It’s not like she’s gonna open her eyes and be like, ‘Hi, Mom,’” she said. “I can’t wait for this kid to wake up so I can yell at her. Just kidding, I’m gonna give her the biggest hug. I miss this kid so much.”

On March 30, Money shared the news that Brielle had been in a “terrible skateboarding accident” and had been found unconscious by neighbours who called an ambulance.

In an emotional video to social media on April 1, Money told her followers she was feeling frustrated that she had tried to be a “friend” to her daughter rather than a parent. The former “Bachelor Pad” winner said she regretted not forcing her daughter to wear a helmet before she went skateboarding.

“I should have put the helmet on her before she left,” she said through tears. “I should have physically put it on her because I am her mother. And somewhere along the line…I stopped being her mother top priority and I started making being her friend more important.”

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