'The Bachelor Winter Games' premiere wins gold with international contestants

It was an international affair when The Bachelor Winter Games got underway in Vermont. The new format brings The Bachelor and The Bachelorette stars from all over the globe under one roof in hopes they'll kiss each other -- or as they say in New Zealand, "snog."

This show is a cross between Bachelor in Paradise and a winter sporting event. And it enlists the help of contestants from various Bachelor franchises in China, Sweden, Australia and more.

One of the more memorable contestants was a Japanese woman named Yuki. Even though she doesn't speak English and none of the other contestants speak Japanese, she has still managed to steal some hearts.

There were also a lot of familiar faces from the American franchise. Ben Higgins showed up in hopes of getting over his recent break-up with Lauren. And Clare came came out of self-imposed retirement to prove that anyone can find love as long as they're willing to do four seasons of reality TV. She joked about being pregnant, but she's not...yet

Ashley I. also joined the show. She wasted no time before having a complete emotional breakdown. Hopefully she keeps her tears inside where they won't freeze and and scratch her.

It should be an interesting season. Five contestants were eliminated during the first episode so it will entertaining to see how it shakes out.