‘Bachelorette’ star just went Instagram official with Florida TikTok star. See the post

Where there was smoke, there was fire. Lots of it.

Last month, Jason Tartick and Kat Stickler were spotted out to dinner in Tampa, and pop culture watchers were left to wonder what was up.

The duo first sparked rumors in April, when Stickler and Tartick, a “Bachelorette” season 14 contestant, flirted heavily on his “Trading Secrets” podcast.

So were these two just friends or something more during their Florida outing? Both were definitely single.

Tartick split from Kaitlyn Bristowe (season 11’s Bachelorette) in August 2023. Stickler is divorced from the father of her 4-year-old daughter, MJ.

On Thursday, the Internet got its answer, when they did the most important thing you can do these days to profess your feelings: Go Instagram official.

Stickler and Tartick shared joint lovey dovey posts, making it clear that they were not only fully committed, but totally gaga over each other.

“Heart is full,” said their caption alongside a pic of them hugging.

This fledgling relationship seems to have been inspired by the iconic small-screen duo Ross and Rachel from “Friends,” a few commenters noted.

“The day after our first kiss, Kat was supposed to leave town and I was leaving the following day,” Tartick, 34, wrote next to a different picture of the influencer, 29. “She FaceTimed me when she got on the plane and said, ‘Should I get off this plane and go to you? Is that too much? I should just stay on, right? But it would be pretty romantic … I think. What do you think?’ I told her to do it ... and she didn’t even hesitate.

“At this point everyone on the plane was sitting down,” the businessman continued. “Flight attendant asked where she was going and all she said was ‘I’m gonna go see a boy I just met!!’ and then all the passengers started clapping and cheering and she left the plane and that night we had our first dinner where it was just us.”


Now for the pesky question of how the long-distance lovers will make it work — Tartick apparently still lives in Nashville, and Stickler isn’t going anywhere anytime soon with her little girl.

We’ll keep checking social media for updates.