Bad weather delays Garth Brooks, Regina Folk Festival shows

Severe thunderstorms Friday evening delayed the Garth Brooks and Regina Folk Festival shows.

Evraz Place had closed the Mosaic Stadium gates in anticipation of another storm cell hitting the area.

"If you are not inside the stadium, but you are on the grounds … please make your way to the Brandt Centre as it is open for you to seek shelter as lightning approaches!" Evraz tweeted earlier.

They said fans should remain in their vehicles or buses or find nearest shelter within the stadium until the next weather update.

Heidi Atter/CBC

Evraz said the show would start once the weather cleared and fans were seated.

There were reports of a backlog of people waiting to get on buses to the concert.

Evraz started to show the Saskatchewan Roughriders game, but that game also entered into a weather delay.

The Folk Festival faced similar delays. When the storm hit Victoria Park, organizers advised attendees to take cover.

At 9:17 p.m. CST the festival tweeted saying they were open again and the last three acts on the bill would still perform.