Baie Verte seniors home fire: Central Health looking for housing options for residents

Central Newfoundland's health authority is scrambling to find accommodations for nearly a dozen seniors who were displaced by a fire at a personal care home in Baie Verte Thursday evening.

Baie View Manor caught fire around 5 p.m. but all 11 residents were moved safely out of the burning building, to a nearby church.

Craig Davis, the Baie Verte  area, director of health services, said most of the residents have since been taken in by family members, with the remaining being given beds at the local hospital.

"Four of them had to come to the hospital for accommodations, nothing medical just for accommodations," he told the Central Morning Show.

"Most of them seemed OK last night, obviously a little shaken but when we arrived at the local church the majority of family had been there with residents to keep them comfortable and safe."

Only personal care home in region

Davis said Baie View Manor was the only personal care home on the peninsula, so Central Health is now trying to figure out appropriate housing options for the residents in the long term.

He hadn't heard any information on what caused the fire, and said he was focused on making sure the residents are safe and comfortable.

"Potentially they would have to use personal care homes elsewhere, but Central Health will certainly work with all the internal and external stakeholders to find options for these residents," he said.

"Certainly this is a very challenging for the residents and their families."