Ball Don't Lie -- new NBA podcast from Yahoo Sports -- premieres March 20th

Irreverent. Informative. Unbiased. This is Ball Don't Lie, version 2.0. Yahoo Sports’ lauded NBA blog is resurrected in podcast form, bringing you an array of voices, personalities and new audio series each week and throughout the entire NBA calendar.

Vincent Goodwill kicks things off every Monday with Good Word with Goodwill as he chats with his famous friends from around the league to deliver his energetic takes on the NBA’s most pressing storylines. Jake Fischer & Dan Devine bring things home at the end of the week with No Cap Room: a chat show, a game show, a front-office show and a vibes show all wrapped up in one.

Ball Don't Lie debuts Monday, March 20. Subscribe to Ball Don't Lie on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.