Ballroom Dancer Botches Hip-Hop on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

On So You Think You Can Dance, dancers moved from solo performances to hip-hop choreography — and ballroom dancer Kiki Nyemchek was not in his comfort zone. During rehearsal, he said, “This is not my forte, but a couple more times and I can get the hang of it.”

But a couple of more times turned out to be not enough. Teamed with another male ballroom dancer, the two did not look like the best dancers on the floor, but Nyemchek’s performance was particularly bad. After the choreographed performance, he said, “I was lost. Deer in the headlights and I regret every second of it, and that’s gonna be there forever.”

With so many amazing performances from dancers across all genres, the judgment round looked like it was going to be brutal for Nyemchek. Judge Jenna Johnson said, “Today’s hip-hop round was a hot mess. And I was a little bit disappointed, to be honest.”

Though Nyemchek got a stern talking-to by Johnson, his ballroom chops made up for his hip-hop fail and when she asked him to be on her team, his answer was a resounding yes.

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