Balm Beach's Parkside Park getting 'exciting' landscape upgrades

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A tender for $63,880 plus HST was awarded to M+S Architectural Concrete for various landscaping of Parkside Park in Balm Beach, in what Tiny staff called an “exciting project."

The parkette with three tennis courts located at the end of Parkside Drive, which Tiny park and recreation staff has dubbed Parkside Park, was assessed that it could be better than it has been for years.

“When we put the playground in and the tennis court,” said director of public works Tim Leitch, “we noticed that there was a separation with the parking lot between the tennis court and the playground which really wasn’t good park planning.”

The original intent by staff was to look into moving the gravel parking area adjacent to the tennis courts over to the northern edge of the property nearer to Arbor Road, creating greenspace in the central portion.

“But when we started looking at it and we reviewed this from an accessibility standpoint with our PRAC (Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee) again, we came up with some further enhancements: while we’re doing this, let’s do this right and let’s make sure it’s all accessible,” Leitch explained.

Landscaping design-build company M+S Architectural Concrete of Gilford, ON, placed the lowest bid on the tender. Proposed in the scope of the request for quotation: a relocation of the entrance to the park and parking area to be accessed via Oliver Drive instead of Parkside Drive; construction of barrier-free walking paths; and various fencing.

When Tiny staff looked at removing further options, including a concrete pad and streetlight, the amount reduced to $63,880 plus HST for the project.

Capital budget for the project is stated to be $45,468 with the shortfall of $18,412 taken from the funds remaining on the Tiny Trail Parking Improvement Project at Concession 12, otherwise known as the railhead for the Rail Trail.

Leitch noted that the completion of the Concession 12 railhead came in under budget.

“We’re very comfortable in this,” said Leitch. “We validated that those moneys are available, so there’ll be no tax hit to the residents by doing this; we’re using current capital money that was already assigned.”

Members of council and staff praised the railhead completion, adding its importance to the residents of Tiny. Discussion returned to the Parkside Park, with Coun. Cindy Hastings thanking Paul Bell and then-councillor-elect John Bryant for their assistance through PRAC over the summer.

Archives of council meetings are available to view on Tiny township’s YouTube channel.

Derek Howard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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