Bancroft Foodland raising funds for North Hastings Inspiration Place

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North Hastings Inspiration Place has friends in Joe and Carol Favot, who own the Bancroft Foodland. For the rest of the summer, from June 17 to Sept. 5, customers paying for their purchases will be able to make a donation to the NHIP capital campaign in any denomination that they wish and all funds that are raised will be donated to build the new library complex.

Cheryl Easton, the capital campaign chair for the NHIP, told Bancroft This Week the news of this upcoming donation in an email on May 30. According to Joe and Carol Favot, who own the Foodland, from June 17 to Sept. 5, their customers who are paying for their purchases can also make a donation to the NHIP in any denomination they would like and their donation will be written on cards available at the register.

On a side note, Joe Favot reveals there will be a renovation happening at Foodland this fall;

“It’s a renovation, not an addition. We’re expanding our prepared foods and those types of things. More of a fresh aspect, cutting back on grocery aisles and more grab and go alternatives, including a sushi bar. That seems to be the trend,” he says.

Getting back to the donation drive that starts on June 17 for the NHIP, Joe Favot says that it was the local aspect that got him involved.

“That it’s staying here, doing something for the Town of Bancroft. As Carol said, it helps all of us,” he says.

Carol Favot agrees, and says it’s also good for the kids in the community..

“If you don’t have access to the Internet, you can go to the library, so it’s exciting. It’s wonderful for the community,” she says.

Easton says that they were blown away by the level of generosity that Joe and Carol Favot had shown by having this donation drive.

“We were expecting a couple of weeks, and now we have a couple of months. The generosity in providing that to us is phenomenal and we’re so thankful for that, thankful for our local partners that believe in our project. We need that belief. When your local businesses believe in what you’re doing that says we’re doing something right. That’s great and it increases the sense of community and the sense that we’re all in this together,” she says. “Everybody’s working together and it’s not necessarily us against you, it’s for everyone to benefit, so it’s exciting.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times

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