Banff considers speed limit reduction to 30 km/h on town streets

The Town of Banff has already lowered the speed limit on some major streets to 30 km/h and now council is debating whether to extend that to all roads.

Calling it a traffic safety measure, town councillors voted on Tuesday to keep the proposal going while they develop ways to get public feedback on the measure prior to holding a final vote.

But before that happens, council has asked for more work on potential bylaw amendments and public engagement strategies.

Randall McKay, the town's planning and development director, says that could include a survey and a public hearing.

"The good thing about that is we get more public feedback from a broader community perspective," he said.

Lori Dowling was one of three residents who voiced opposition to the move at the Tuesday council meeting.

"I'm a senior citizen. I hike, I bike, I cycle in Banff. I don't feel unsafe," she said.

Dave Gilson/CBC

Reaction was mixed on a Banff residential street.

Resident Jane MacDonald argued the further reduction is too much.

"I think it's too slow because if you've actually tried to go 30 [km/h], it's like you're just crawling," she said.

"Very few people actually go under 30, most people are between 30 and 40."

But Chris Jonah, who has lived in Banff for five years, says as a pedestrian, he agrees with the measure.

"Especially Banff being a tourist town, a lot of the tourists don't pay attention to our speed limits, to the way people park on the street with the buses," he said.

"Bringing down the speed limit would be a good step to reduce accidents in the area."

Council is expected to hold a final vote before spring.