Barcelona vs Delfin Kiss Cam Video: Man's Awkward Kiss to Woman Goes Viral, Netizens Suspect Him of Cheating on Wife

Shaloo Tiwari

Kiss cams are usually known to catch one of the most romantic moments of someone's life, but sometimes what it does, can change lives. Well, looks like something similar happened at the Barcelona vs Delfin match kiss cam. The "Barcelona vs Delfin kiss" is now viral on social media and it will blow your mind. It is not difficult to guess why the viral kiss cam video turned out the way it did. Pom-pom Girls and Kiss Cams: Badminton Gets Edgy to Win Fans.

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In the video, a man can be seen kissing his partner and once he turns around, within seconds, he figures out that their kiss has been caught on the kiss cam. And what happens after that changes everything! You will see the expression on the man's face change suddenly as if he is regretting the kiss. Most people who watched the video speculated that it had something to do with his infidelity. Moreover, even the woman didn't look happy with the man's reaction and things only got worse.

While it’s unclear who the fan is or the relationship status of the couple, there was a lot of awkwardness post the kiss. And it looked like they didn't want their kiss to be broadcast around the world and go viral!

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Watch Barcelona vs Delfin Kiss Viral Video:

The viral video received so many comments. Someone wrote: "He went from living his best life to, I'm scared to go home". "You can see the moment, the "uh-oh" enters his thoughts," another said. This is not the first time a kiss has gone viral. Just recently, back in India, a video of a young couple kissing in the Delhi Metro went viral on social media platforms. The couple was seen stand next to each other near the door of the metro. However, Twitterati questioned the sick mentality of netizens for recording a young couple kissing