Barefoot party in Regina promises podiatry, pampering and dancing

No shoes, no socks, no problem! This coming Friday New Dance Horizons is throwing a barefoot dance party fundraiser.

New Dance Horizons is a Regina based contemporary dance group, which has held barefoot dance party fundraisers in the past. 

Therapy at a party might seem a bit odd to some, but according to Dianne Fraser, a registered massage therapist, a party is a surprisingly good way to get people accessible therapy.

"People are really relaxed and there for a good time and then all of a sudden they're having their feet soaked, they're laying down, they're having their feet massaged and then they're having a glass of wine," said Fraser, who also helped to organize the therapists who will be on hand for the party .

"It all seems to fit really nicely."

There are 13 therapists that guests can book to see at the party. Each one offers a 15-minute session and the treatments range from massage therapy and reflexology to Reiki and body talk. 

Fraser feels the event can be a great way for people to sample therapies and techniques without committing to a full appointment. 

But the event does pay special attention to feet, which Fraser feels are often ignored, which can cause some serious issues.

"It's a small part of our body and it carries the entire body weight," said Fraser. "There's more than 30 joints and many of those joints move in many directions, so the flexibility of the foot is quite remarkable."

The barefoot party kicks off at 7 p.m. on April 21 at Brownstone Health, on the 1400 block of Rose Street. Tickets are $20 in advance or $30 at the door.