Barlinnie beats: Ibiza DJ performs set at Glasgow prison

Prisoners watching DJ Calvin Logue's set
DJ Calvin Logue was working as a data engineer at the prison when he was asked to perform for the inmates

Calvin Logue has been DJing since he was 16 years old and has performed at clubs across the UK and in Ibiza - but one of his most memorable gigs has been in a Scottish prison.

The 28-year-old data engineer from Glasgow was working at Barlinnie, the country's largest jail, installing telephones into prisoners cells when the guards caught wind that he was a also a DJ.

"I met one of the guys in the prison who runs the mental wellbeing hub and he was, like, would you be up for coming in to play," Calvin told BBC Scotland News.

"And I was like 100% if you could make it happen and I ended up going in. It was quite a mad gig to be fair."

He said he thinks he could be the first DJ to perform a set at the 140-year-old prison after playing for 150 inmates.

DJ Calvin Logue using a turntable
Calvin has performed at clubs across the UK and at Ibiza in Spain

A sound system was set up in the chapel and inmates turned up to listen.

"It was a bit different from what I'm used to because some of them were sitting down and some of them were standing, Calvin said.

"There was a few boys standing down the back and one up the front - he was just dancing away to his self. And when the set finished everybody stood up and clapped so I think everyone enjoyed it."

He had planned on ending his set with the track "This is Barlinnie" but had to stop before he got the chance.

One of the prisoners who attended the set in March has since been released from Barlinnie and is planning on going to see Calvin DJ at the SWG3 venue in Glasgow.

"I'm headlining on the 24th of November and he's actually coming to the gig now, which is mad," Calvin said.

DJ Calvin outside Barlinnie prison
He was compared to Johnny Cash after posting photos from his set on TikTok

Calvin posted pictures from the set on his TikTok, which got over 133k views in a day, and he was surprised at the large response it received.

One TikTok user described him as the "modern day Johnny Cash" after the US country music icon who played several gigs behind bars.

"I didn't think it would have kicked off like this," he said.

"I wish they had got photos of the prisoners when they were enjoying themselves, it was quite intense, it was a good wee day."

A Scottish Prison Service spokesperson said: "The mental health and wellbeing of all who live and work in our establishments is a key priority for the SPS.

"We use a range of arts, such as music and theatre, across the estate to aid rehabilitation. Events such as these aim to encourage individuals in our care to engage with staff and partners, who help to support their health and wellbeing."