Guess the baseball signs in this 3D augmented reality game

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Think you could be a baseball player? Well, let's start with the mental part of the game.

Memorize the meaning behind a third-base coach's signals and take a crack at reading the signs in this augmented reality game. Tap "Learn The Signs" to memorize the signs before playing. If you have played before you can skip this and jump straight to the game by tapping "Play The Game."

The third-base coach in baseball will hide the real signs with "fake" signs so that the opposing team cannot easily steal them. An indicator is used to alert the runner to the "real" sign, which comes immediately after. Make sure to memorize the indicator and all of the other signs before playing the game!

The indicator is this game is tapping the nose, the bunt sign is touching the belly, the steal sign is tapping the upper chest, the bunt and run sign is swiping the left hip, the hit and run sign is swiping the right hip, take a pitch is pointing to the right, and wiping both arms consecutively is the "wipe" signal. A wipe negates the previous signs shown by the coach. The only sign that doesn't need an indicator is the take a pitch, which means don't swing on the next pitch thrown.

Click the experience above to play the game on desktop or your mobile device.

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