Pic of NBA player’s single, magical tear streaming down his face on his wedding day goes viral

The moment that brought the groom to tears. (Photo: Pharris Photos)

Like most brides and grooms, Jessica and Quincy Acy were eager to share the photos from their July wedding with friends and family the minute they were ready. Unlike most wedding photos, it’s the pics of the groom that have gone viral this week — and that’s not only because he’s a forward for the Brooklyn Nets.

A series of photos that Acy posted on his Instagram shows the progression of emotions he underwent while waiting for his bride at the altar. It begins with what Acy called his “game face” and gets oh-so beautiful when Acy sees his bride, Jessica, walk in on her father’s arm. He starts to cry, but only one single tear.


“I don’t know about other brides, but for me, my main goal was to give Q a heart attack,” Jessica tells Yahoo Style via email. “I wanted him to feel like he was marrying the most beautiful girl in the world. And when I got dressed that day and looked in the mirror, I was like, ‘Yep, he is going dieeee,’ lol. With that being said, when the doors opened and he started to cry, there was a sense of accomplishment, but also this overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Like, ‘Wow, this man really loves me.’”

Quincy and Jessica, a yoga instructor, met while they were attending Baylor College but didn’t start dating until after they graduated. They got married at the Westin Dallas Downtown, overlooking the city from the 32nd floor. Photographers Kariss and Joshua Farris, a married couple who have known the Acys since college, weren’t too surprised by this touching moment.

“Quincy and Jessica are really cool, down-to-earth people,” Joshua said. “He definitely has a sensitive side. He values family a lot. He’s been through some tests and trials in life, which makes him grateful for where he is today. He’s definitely a lovable guy. He has that soft side to him for sure.”

“I think Jessica really brings that out in him,” Kariss added.

The pics show the advantage of having two photographers at a wedding. While Kariss had her camera on Jessica walking down the aisle, Joshua was focused on Quincy’s reaction to her. Of all the weddings they shoot, they estimate that about 30 percent of the grooms cry on their big day.

“I think every woman dreams of that,” Joshua said.

Neither Jessica nor her photographer friends expected the post to go viral. As of this writing, her Twitter post has 147,000 likes, 55,000 retweets, and 240 comments.

“I don’t think people are responding simply because he’s in the NBA,” Jessica said. “I mean, it’s not like we’re Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade. … I feel like they’re very relatable photos, and everyone can appreciate that.”

A lot of the reaction is flat-out admiration for the beautiful couple, as well as for Quincy’s tear.

A few of those commenting appear to be wishing for that same reaction from their grooms, or their friends’ husbands-to-be.

Jessica’s favorite comment was from a woman who mistook her father for Jimmy Fallon.

“I love seeing all of the admiration Quincy is getting,” Jessica said. “Any time he can get credit for his character, rather than simply his ability to put a ball in a hoop, I will put him on a pedestal.”

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