Batbot Xtreme: Exclusive first look at ginormous limited-edition figure for N.Y. Comic Con

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
(Photo: Fisher-Price)

We’ve heard of tin anniversaries, but this is ridiculous…ly awesome. To mark the 10-year relationship between DC Super Friends and Imaginext, the Fisher-Price toy line is unveiling a limited-edition version of its popular Batbot Xtreme figure that will be available exclusively at the upcoming New York Comic Con. Modeled after the robotic Batsuit that Commissioner Gordon donned when he temporarily assumed the mantle of the Bat for a six-issue story arc, this 2-foot-tall NYCC exclusive comes equipped with a voice modulator, a pair of expandable Bat wings and fists that pack a punch.

(Photo: Fisher-Price)

And the box it comes in is a toy in and of itself, with lights and sounds that brings the Batcave into your own living room. Check out this 360-degree view of the toy below.

Excited? Wait until you get a load of this: Imaginext has only produced 300 of these metal bad boys, which retail for $250 apiece. And you can’t buy them in stores: 225 of these special anniversary Batbot Xtremes will only be available via an NYCC exclusive lottery that launches on Sept. 14. An additional 10 will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis at the Imaginext booth on the NYCC floor Oct. 5-8, where one lucky winner will walk away with a free Batbot courtesy of a daily raffle. If you’re a Batman fan, you’d be batty to miss this chance.

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