Batman, Spider-Man performers clash on TTC train

A TTC subway ride was the scene of an epic comic-book clash come to life during the long weekend, when two of Toronto's costumed performers — Batman and Spider-Man — boarded the same train and engaged in apparently impromptu combat.

The masked superheroes were captured on film and pictures by HiMY SYeD at Dundas station.

"There's a commotion a few cars north of where I'm sitting," SYeD recounted in an email to CBC News, adding that the bizarre scenario didn't appear to be staged.

"The commotion was Spidey and the Toronto Batman, the two fixtures who pose for photographs via donation around Yonge-Dundas Square."

SYeD said both actors "just happened to board the same Rocket train, just not from the same doors."

After several minutes, commuters initially trying to ignore the fracas finally began to take notice and started laughing and snapping their own photos, he said.

"It did leave me with [a] smile and a feeling that I got my full token's worth of a ride on the TTC," SYeD said.

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