Bay Roberts council says no to teachers parking on street

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The Town of Bay Roberts is sticking to its decision to not allow Amalgamated Academy teachers to park on nearby Alder Place.

The Town had received an email from the school inquiring whether its staff could park on Adler Place due to congestion and limited parking at the school. The email noted that prior to Christmas, staff had received notes that they would be ticketed if they continued to park there.

Mayor Philip Wood said the matter is a public works department issue.

“This came as a result of some cars wanting to park in the middle of winter on the road and obviously obstructing our snowplows,” said Wood. “The residents who live down there deserve quality snow clearing, and of course it’s a safety issue.”

Councillor Geoff Seymour agreed. “This is a residential area, not a parking lot for the school,” said Seymour.

Mayor Wood said the school board could consider expanding the parking lot.

“If there is absolutely no land there, there is plenty of land next to it, if the school board has to purchase more land,” said Wood.

Councillor Dean Franey, meanwhile, suggested that space for staff parking could be created behind the school, which could be accessible from Adler.

The motion was made to support the decision of Public Works that there is to be no parking on Adler.

The Grade 4-9 school fronts onto Eric Dawe Drive, but can be accessed from behind by using Alder Place.

Mark Squibb, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Shoreline News