Bayham awards realty services to Morgan Realty

·1 min read

Bayham awarded a request for proposal for realty services to Tillsonburg-based Morgan Realty Inc., out of two bids received.

The real estate agency will list, market and sell surplus properties owned by the municipality. The municipality does not currently have any active listings for sale.

The other offer came from Land/Max Realty Inc. Both bids were evaluated on background and qualifications, costs, and additional information.

Morgan Realty scored 9 out of a possible 12, while Land/Max Realty scored 6. The municipality has used Morgan Realty since 2015.

In council meeting discussing the matter on Thursday, Nov. 5, Bayham Mayor Ed Ketchabaw asked staff, “Is there a time limit or time frame on this association with Morgan Realty?”

“It’s open-ended,” responded Chief Administrative Officer Paul Shipway. “The manner in which we’ve done it historically… It’s never been via bylaw, so if the municipality does become dissatisfied with the service, you have the natural person power to select another realtor.”

Veronica Reiner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Aylmer Express