Bayham beach maintenance contract increases four-fold

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Bayham councillors awarded Port Burwell East Beach and Community Park washroom maintenance to PK Property Maintenance of Aylmer for a total of $25,232.90 for the season.

This is for a four-year contract and represents an increase of $18,480 from the provider who was awarded the previous contract in 2017. The matter was discussed at a virtual council meeting on Thursday, April 1.

The beach and community park washrooms will be cleaned daily, along with the pavilion, sidewalks, and waste receptacles, which will be cleaned and emptied.

A review of the beach and pier safety devices is completed twice daily, which files electronically in compliance with the Blue Flag Standards.

Chief Administrative Officer Thomas Thayer said the request for proposal (RFP) for the work was initially issued in January, but no proposals were received before the deadline.

The RFP was reissued in March. Mr. Thayer noted there were “a couple of inquiries,” but only a sole proposal was submitted by PK Property Maintenance.

The proposal was to provide the maintenance for $1,015 per week plus HST for a 22-week season and a $20 hourly rate for extra items.

“You’ll note that the fees are slightly higher this time around than the previous agreement. But the individual that submitted the bid was the lower of the two that had inquired originally to the Manager of Public Works,” said Mr. Thayer.

Mr. Thayer’s report noted that Bayham had no past work experience with PK Property Maintenance. “References were checked by municipal staff and all references responded with good feedback to the municipality.”

Councillor Valerie Donnell asked about the details of the original RFP compared to the new one.

Mr. Thayer said he was not certain of the exact details of the 2017 RFP. “I only know that this one speaks to both the beach and the park, which may be why it's a little bit more expensive than the previous arrangement.”

Cr. Donnell asked about what the $20 hourly rate for extra items represented.

Mr. Thayer said that item was always included “in case there was an item that came up that was outside of the scope.” This may include after hours cleaning, for instance.

Deputy Mayor Rainey Weisler said, “This RFP is significantly higher than what we have been paying. Have we accounted for that in our budget this year?”

Mr. Thayer said he would follow up with Treasurer Lorne James to find out how exactly this would impact the budget.

“In discussing with the manager of public works, he didn’t seem concerned about it with respect to the operating budget,” said Mr. Thayer.

Veronica Reiner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Aylmer Express