Bayham site plan agreements

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Bayham council approved site plan agreements for two Port Burwell-area businesses during their March 18 virtual meeting. This allows for Meditative Greens to install four new large greenhouses for cannabis cultivation, and Periscope Playhouse to install a mobile trailer to allow for continuation of their 2021 season.

Meditative Greens

Councillors approved a site plan agreement that will allow for the development of four large greenhouses for cannabis cultivation at Meditative Greens at 4688 Godby Road.

“Because of the scale of the operation, they’re subject to site plan control,” said Deputy Clerk/Planning Coordinator Margaret Underhill. The total ground floor area of the proposed development is 17,149.6 square metres and the height of the structure is eight metres.

Deputy Mayor Rainey Weisler asked if this was indoor, outdoor, or a combination of both. Ms. Underhill said this was indoor growth in four greenhouses.

Periscope Playhouse

Councillors also approved a site plan agreement to allow for a mobile event trailer for theatrical and musical performances at Periscope Playhouse at 42 Wellington Street in Port Burwell.

“They unfortunately were not able to do their program in 2020 due to COVID,” explained Ms. Underhill. “They have come up with an innovative way to get their program going again in 2021.”

They plan to place the trailer outside of the Periscope Playhouse building and offer outdoor seating in the parking lot. The outdoor space will be fenced in, and the building will be used for washrooms and refreshments.

The application, submitted by Grahame Norton, states: “this is a temporary venue for 2021 as it is not economically viable to operate with current social distancing requirements to gather and distance ourselves in the 74-seat main theatre building.”

Mayor Ed Ketchabaw asked if there was any language in the site plan agreement that indicated its temporary nature.

“I believe there's a slight mention of temporary, however, a site plan agreement does get registered on a property so it is in place for this type of use. There's nothing that's going to prevent them say from next year if they want to do the same thing, or they're required to do the same thing,” said Ms. Underhill.

Mayor Ketchabaw asked whether they would ever have to revert back to the original agreement, or if there was either a seating or parking condition.

“I would say they can have either/or at this moment,” said Ms. Underhill. “They also are entering into an agreement with the Legion to provide additional parking.”

Periscope Playhouse has also submitted an application to amend their current liquor license to include the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in the temporary outdoor venue. Bayham expressed their support for this application.

Veronica Reiner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Aylmer Express