Bayham pleased to award under-budget bridge tenders

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Bayham council awarded two bridge improvement projects, on Light Line and Godby Road, to Theo Vandenberk Construction for a total cost of $287,389.

The Light Line bridge work will cost $112,031, about half the cost of the budgeted $225,000, and the Godby Road Bridge is $175,358, also below the budgeted $200,000.

The tendered work consists of concrete abutments, end treatments, and repairs to the bridge decks including waterproofing and paving. Council and staff discussed the matter during a virtual council meeting on Thursday, March 18.

“The tender results we were very, very pleased with,” said Capital Projects Manager Ed Roloson told council members. “We have successfully worked with Mr. Vandenberk on several other bridges and we’re pleased to have this recommendation before you this evening.”

Both projects received seven tender submissions apiece. Other bids for the Light Line bridge project include Jarlian Construction Inc. ($172,557), East Elgin Concrete Forming ($174,518), MTM-2 Contracting Inc. ($178,470), Beton ($194,640), Clearwater Structures ($200,532), and Alexman Contracting ($241,594).

Other bids for the Godby Road bridge include MTM-2 Contracting Inc. ($224,205), Jarlian Construction Inc. ($247,620), Beton ($274,560), East Elgin Concrete Forming ($300,340), Clearwater Structures ($309,655), and Alexman Contracting ($351,661).

Deputy Mayor Rainey Weisler said, “I’m surprised of the vast difference in cost between the bids. Maybe you can ease my mind and confirm for sure that the quality and material and the scope of work that will be done is consistent despite the significant lower bid.”

Mr. Roloson said the municipal engineer, Spriet Associates, have done a complete review and recommend moving forward with Theo Vandenberk Construction, and that “all the checks and balances are there.”

“In regards to the range, we saw contractors that were somewhat local, to as far away as the Barrie or Toronto area,” said Mr. Roloson. “They have to price their work accordingly. I think that’s the main reason is just their location with respect to Bayham.”

Deputy Weisler said she was pleased that Bayham had experience working with Theo Vandenberk Construction before and was looking forward to getting the project underway.

Bayham Mayor Ed Ketchabaw congratulated Mr. Roloson and Public Works Manager Steve Adams and said, “Incredible bids. Surprising on the Light Line bridge, but still incredible bids. Wow. That’s what happens when you get your capital program out early.”

Both bridges will be under construction at the same time, starting at the beginning of May with an expected completion date of early July.

Veronica Reiner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Aylmer Express