Are Baylen Levine and Sadie Crowell dating? YouTube fans think so — here’s why

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Baylen Levine and Sadie Crowell shippers hope these two YouTube stars are actually dating in real life.

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Levine, 21, has over 3.26 million subscribers on YouTube, while Crowell, 18, has over 830,000. Fans have been shipping (wanting them to enter a romantic relationship) the pair for some time. A recent video might have hinted they’re dating IRL now.

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Crowell appeared in a recent vlog by Levine called “He Tried To Get Me Arrested.” One moment in the clip has fans talking. When a friend gave Crowell a snack, Levine told her not to eat it.

“Come on, Sadie, don’t eat it. That’s gross,” Levine said.

Sadie then licked the snack, and Levine made a gagging noise.

“That’s it. I am never kissing you again,” he told her.

The vlog received over 1.1 million views. Fans gushed about the couple in the comment section.

“‘Never kissing you again.’ YESSSSSSSS, LET’S GOOOOO. You and Sadie are so cute,” a user wrote.

“I legit paused it at the scene and went to the comments to see if anyone else heard it too,” another said.

“They were flirting the whole video,” someone commented.

While people think something might be going on between the influencers, Crowell nor Levine have confirmed the relationship.

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