Bayonet rifle, meth seized in Chatham-Kent: police

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Chatham-Kent police say a man is facing charges after drugs and a rifle were seized at a home.

The police service said in a statement Tuesday that the seizure was made as a result of a warrant executed at a home in Chatham on Monday afternoon.

The gun was a loaded SKS semi-automatic rifle with an overcapacity magazine, attached bayonet and ammunition. Police initially said the gun was an assault rifle but later issued a correction saying the gun is not restricted but the magazine is.

"Thank you everyone for your comments... we appreciate that many of you may own a similar firearm for sporting purposes, however what caused us great concern is that the firearm was loaded with a high capacity magazine and was stored carelessly," the police service tweeted.

The suspected methamphetamine was valued at $1,300. A switchblade was also seized, police said.

A 40-year-old man was charged with drug possession for the purposes of trafficking, breach of probation and firearms offences.

A second man, who is 28, was also charged with possession drugs.

Two others in the residence, a man and a woman, were also arrested on outstanding warrants and face various charges.