BBC Apologizes for On-Air Statement About Gaza Hospital Raid

Reuters/Hollie Adams
Reuters/Hollie Adams

The BBC on Wednesday issued a correction and apology after a news anchor erroneously said in a live broadcast that the Israeli military was targeting medical staff and Arabic speakers during a raid of Al Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital. The presenter, Monica Miller, made the mistake while reading a Reuters news report on air, saying, “We are hearing from Reuters that Israel says its forces are carrying out an operation against Hamas in Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital. And they are targeting people, including medical teams, as well as Arab speakers.” Citing the Israeli military, the Reuters report actually said Israeli soldiers brought along medical staff and Arabic speakers with them to aid civilians at the hospital. The BBC said it swiftly issued a correction. “We apologize for this error, which fell below our usual editorial standards,” the broadcaster wrote, adding that it also made an on-air apology later Wednesday.

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