How to make BBQ onigiri dinner w/ wakame soup & natto wrap

Want to have a relaxing, cozy dinner but still impress others with your tasty food? Whip up some Yaki Onigiri, Natto Wraps, and Wakame soup for a warm Japanese meal for two. These fried rice balls also save great for snacks later in the day and are great in bento boxes for work or school! If you have a sweet tooth like me, I really enjoy them glazed in sweetened soy sauce or Japanese bbq sauce as well. Let us know in the comments what your first time trying natto was like and if you liked the video! ============================================================= ❥ YouTube ❥ Instagram ============================================================= 00:05 Onigiri Prep 01:31 Natto Wrap 05:21 Wakame Soup 08:53 Forming Onigiri 10:18 Cooking ● Ingredients for 2 people ~ Yaki-Onigiri ~ * Rice 1.5 cups * Ginger 1in knob * Garlic 1-2 cloves * Mirin 1 tbsp * Soy sauce 2 tbsp * Sake 1 tsp * Salt * Hondashi * Sesame oil ~ Natto Roasted Wrapped ~ * Aburaage (Fried tofu) * Natto 3 packs * Shredded mozzarella cheese * Green onion * Green shiso leaves * Soy sauce * Sesame oil * Mayonaise * Shichimi Togarashi (Japanese Chilir flakes) ~ Wakame soup ~ * Dried Wakame * Ume * Green onion * Garlic * Ginger * Egg * Salt 1~1.5 tsp * Black pepper * Sake 1 tbsp * Mirin 1 tsp * Soy sauce 2 tbsp * Sesame oil * Olive oil ● Cooking Recipe 1) Wash rice and season water before adding with 1 tbsp Mirin, 2 tbsp Soysauce, 1tsp Sake, and a pinch of Hondashi. The total volume of liquid added to rice should total 1.5 cups (depending on your rice cooker adjust the amount of water as needed). 2) Add grated Ginger and Garlic rice and begin cooking in rice cooker. 3) For the Natto wraps, place the Aburaage (Fried Tofu) on a paper towel and lightly pat to draw out moisture/oil. After, cut in half and open it up to make it into a bag. 4) Chop Green Onions and Green Shiso leaves. 5) Add Green Onion, Green Shiso, Cheese, and the sauce packets to your bowl of Natto and mix. 6) Spoon mixture into the Aburaage bags and close with toothpicks. 7) To make the Wakame soup, pour Olive Oil & Sliced Garlic in a pot over low heat until fragrant. 8) Add 600ml of water and raise the heat to bring to a boil. 9) When at a boil, reduce heat and add Ume (pickled plum) and Wakame (seaweed). Season with Sake, Soy sauce, Salt, Black pepper, and a drop of Sesame Oil for flavor. 10) Raise heat and bring to a boil, pouring beaten egg over the bubbles slowly for fluffy eggs. 11) Add chopped Green Onion. 12) When the rice finishes, shape into triangle rice balls. 13) Cook Onigiris & Natto Wraps on a pan oiled with sesame oil over medium heat until all sides become golden brown. Brush with soy sauce before flipping rice balls while cooking. ● Cooking tips * When shaping the rice balls, it’s better hold them firmly. * When you stream egg into the wakame soup, pour very slowly and gently in circular motions. * Yaki-Onigiri can be stored in freezer. Wrap them in batches separated by parchment to prevent sticking in freezer. * Yaki-Onigiri can be a great barbecue over coals or a grill as well.

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