BC Hydro reports couples battling over bedroom temperatures

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Couples are having a hard time settling just how hot the bedroom should be, according to the thermostat, that is.

A new report released by BC Hydro entitled ‘Bedroom battleground: BC’, states that while more than 80% of BC couples complain to their partner about the temperature in their home, one-third of those said that the complaints lead to full blown arguments, with a quarter of those arguments revolving around bedroom temperatures.

Things are so dire for some couples that a disagreement over ideal bedtime temperatures has resulted in separate sleeping arrangements, with nearly 30% having slept in another room at some point, or at least considered it.

The recommended temperature for a bedroom is 16 degrees Celsius during the winter months, but many crank the heat up higher. On the opposite end of the spectrum are those who argue about the room being too cold.

40% of respondents report that they leave a window open no matter that outside temperature, and 14% have fought with their partner about keeping the window open.

Temperatures aren’t the only things getting couples irate in their sleeping arrangements, either. 78% reported that their partner did something during the night that they didn’t like. Snoring topped the list at 54%, followed by taking up too much space (26%) and fidgeting or moving too much (26%).

BC Hydro has recommended the following tips to help keep the peace, particularly with Valentine’s Day right around the corner.

16 degrees Celsius when away from home or sleeping;

21 degrees Celsius when relaxing or watching T.V., and

18 degrees Celsius when cooking or doing housework.

Morgan Hampton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Merritt Herald