BC Transit seeking input from public to improve Terrace service

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BC Transit is looking for input from riders as it reviews its service in the Terrace area for the first time since 2012.

So far over 500 people have visited BC Transit’s online public engagement site for Terrace, which offers three ways for people to provide feedback. Members of the community can add pins to a map, fill out a survey, or discuss ideas in a forum.

“It’s a great way for people to be able to not just participate in an open house or something but to be able to actually have discussions in that discussion forum with the community so we are really excited about it,” said Lindsay Taylor, manager of government relations for BC Transit’s northern transit systems.

“We have our planner’s email listed there as well so if somebody doesn’t want to publicly say some of their opinions and ideas they’re also welcome to email our planner directly and he’s available to chat about any of the ideas that residents of Terrace have.”

The online public engagement was originally disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, it is is set to wrap up on March 31 and will culminate in a Transit Future Service Plan which identifies trend and priorities. In the summer it will be presented to Terrace city council which is the body that makes decisions on routes, fares and service levels.

Taylor said that ridership is starting to bounce back somewhat in Terrace and other relatively small systems, but there is still work to do to recover riders outside of BC Transit’s base customers.

“For us right now ridership recovery is our key goal for 2021-22, we are looking to recover ridership to pre-COVID levels but trying to understand what the new normal is and what the new travel patterns are after COVID as we move through this whole process.

Ben Bogstie, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Interior News