The Bear season 3 release pushed forward at the last minute

Season three of The Bear is releasing a day earlier than expected.

Yes, chef, you heard that correctly. Season three of the Emmy-winning drama, starring Jeremy Allen White as chef Carmy, will now be debuting in the US on Wednesday (June 26) at 9pm ET.

The series was initially scheduled to premiere its third season on Hulu and FX on Thursday (June 27). But if US fans check Hulu, they will see the time has since been updated.

The 10-episode season will be released in its entirety on the same day.

The Bear follows award-winning chef Carmy as he attempts to turn his deceased brother’s sandwich shop into a fine dining destination. Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Ayo Edebiri also star.

The chaotic comedy-drama, documenting the lives of the employees of a Chicago sandwich shop, was one of the biggest successes at this year’s TV celebrations, including the Golden Globes, the Emmys, and the Critics Choice Awards.

WhiteEdebiri, and Moss-Bacharach were repeatedly rewarded for their acting skills, along with the series in general.

The show first debuted in 2022, followed by a second season in 2023.

‘The Bear’ season three will debut on June 26 in the US (FX)
‘The Bear’ season three will debut on June 26 in the US (FX)

Despite the third season not having aired yet, it has been reported that the show has already been picked up for a fourth season.

Corey Hendrix, who plays Gary “Sweeps” Woods in The Bear, recently spoke to The Independent about the series’ future.

“Of course, I want to say it can go on forever. But I think we can easily do like four more seasons or something,” he said. “Because the first two seasons were a lot but I still feel like we haven’t really gotten there yet.”

He continued: “The first season is the introduction. The second season, it’s like we’re trying to see if we can build this restaurant and now [in season three] it’s like, okay let’s see what happens. Let’s see if this is a good idea. So I still think it’s like everyone’s still trying to get there. So I feel like there are plenty more seasons left in The Bear.”

It is thought that the decision to film two seasons of the program without a break is due to the schedules of the actors, with Edebiri and White being particularly in demand.

In an earlier interview with The Guardian, Moss-Bachrach, who stars as Carmy’s best friend Richie, admitted that fans yelling his character’s nickname (Cousin) at him in public had gotten exasperating.

“Sometimes, you know, you’re just not having a great day,” he said. “And it’s just like: I’m sorry, man, I don’t have much for you.”

The Bear season three debuts on Hulu in the US on Wednesday (June 26) and on Disney+ in the UK on Thursday (June 27). Seasons one and two are available to stream now.

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