Bear trio catches eyes of golf course staff in Riding Mountain National Park

It turns out it's not just people waiting for the Clear Lake Golf Course in Riding Mountain National Park to open.

Staff at the golf course spotted not one, but three bear cubs up in the trees near the course this week while getting ready to open for the season.

"It was pretty cool," said Josh Zaporzan, one of the staff members who saw the cubs. "I mean, bears are a big part of the area and a big part of the wildlife here."

"I've never seen them in the trees like that before. It was pretty interesting." 

The park is about 250 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg. 

Zaporzan said seeing bears and other wildlife is just a regular part of life in the national park, but this was one of the more unique sightings they've had. Golfers at the course are cautioned about wildlife before heading out. 

"We tell all of our customers to really just leave them alone," he said. "Don't get too close ... they're wildlife, let them do their thing." 

The park is also home to moose, elk, bison and a variety of other wildlife. 

"It's just kind of what makes this place pretty unique and pretty special," Zaporzan said.