Bear warning issued for Mosquito Creek area in Banff National Park

Parks Canada is warning campers and hikers in the Mosquito Creek area to be cautious — as a grizzly bear has been spotted lurking around the campground and hostel area.

The site is about 85 kilometres northwest of the Banff townsite.

The warning was posted to the Parks Canada website Wednesday afternoon and will remain in place until further notice.

People in the area are warned to be prepared to encounter a bear at any time. 

Parks Canada advises people to:

- Pay attention for bears when travelling in this area.

- Make noise while hiking.

- Keep all pets on a leash and a close eye on children.

- Carry bear spray.

- Store all food and cooking equipment properly.

- Keep a clean campsite. Pack out all garbage.

All bear sightings should be reported to Banff Dispatch at 403-762-1470.