Beaver Mines standpipe receives funding top-off

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Leaky faucets can quickly drive up the cost of water utilities for a homeowner. While not leaking water, the Beaver Mines standpipe has required more financial attention than the MD of Pincher Creek would prefer.

MD council initially approved $113,000 for the capital purchase of the standpipe during the April 12 council meeting. However, due to some administrative oversight regarding costs for land acquisition and an archeological study, an extra $50,000 was needed for the standpipe.

Council approved the funding increase during its May 24 regular meeting, which pushes the total cost of the Beaver Mines standpipe project to $406,000.

Part of the problem, said director of finance Meghan Dobie, was the standpipe wasn’t included in last year’s budget but was added on to address the water needs of Beaver Mines residents after the water/wastewater treatment plant was delayed.

“This one wasn’t in the 2021 budget, and we’ve kind of been snow balling it and it’s grown in cost over time,” she said.

On top of needing additional money, the Beaver Mines standpipe has also had issues with its payment system. Though a debit and credit card terminal is offered alongside a coin option, a fatal error in the terminal electronics necessitated manufacturer repairs while the coin operation was inconsistent as newer coins, which are lighter, were not being registered.

The new Pincher Creek standpipe was also having card terminal issues. Warranty covered the new parts needed to fix both standpipes, which was completed May 27.

Reeve Rick Lemire said he hoped the issue at Beaver Mines was finally resolved so residents wouldn’t have to travel to fill their water needs.

“Hopefully we get that resolved because I do believe there's people that come to town for their water because that won’t work out there and that's unfortunate,” he said. “That’s why we built it — for those local people.”

The next MD council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 7, 6 p.m. in council chambers.

Sean Oliver, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Shootin' the Breeze

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