New Beaverlodge councillor looking for open communication with residents

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Over the next few issues, Town & Country News will be sitting down with new councillors across the South Peace. This week, we talked with Cody Moulds, new to the Town of Beaverlodge council table.

Cody Moulds is excited to be getting more involved with the community, saying he hopes to bring a fresh perspective to council chambers.

The long-time Beaverlodge resident has grown up playing hockey here, and then moving on to coaching positions in power skating and baseball.

Moulds believes he will be a voice for the youth of Beaverlodge.

“I know lots of my friends and people around my age all complain and bring up a lot of stuff, and a lot of them have good points, but I'd also like to see those people come here and bring their complaints up to council as well,” said Moulds.

He said one of his priorities moving forward will be to encourage residents to get more involved with council. Moulds adds residents should feel welcome at council meetings, where they can voice their concerns and opinions.

He also wants to work on creating walking trails in town. He said there needs to be safer walking options for residents.

Moulds also wants to start seeing more events in town.

He notes that the ag grounds are a perfect venue and suggests events like Pro Bull Riders (PBR) could come to town; certainly, he says, more baseball tournaments and the like can help to bring the community together.

Moulds had his first meeting of council before talking with Town & Country News. He reports “there was a lot to take in” on his first day on the job.

Moulds said he already has begun to talk to residents about concerns, particularly on the recent amendments to a traffic bylaw that removed a clause to allow off-highway vehicles within town limits.

For now, he wants to ensure that Beaverlodge residents feel comfortable approaching him with their concerns.

“I'd really like to encourage our residents to get involved with council,” he said.

“If you see me out there or anybody else in our council, reach out to them, let them know any concerns you have as well.”

Moulds currently lives with his girlfriend in town and has two children.

Jesse Boily, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News

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