Company surprises family of longtime employee with accessible van donation

Company surprises family of longtime employee with accessible van donation

An Eastern Passage, N.S., woman with a rare developmental disorder is benefiting from a new accessible van to get around safely, courtesy of a local renovation company. 

It was a kind act for a family member of one of All-Craft's employees, which recently won the company an award for "Renovator of the Year" from the provincial Homebuilders Association. 

Danna Zinck, 19, was born with a rare developmental disorder called bilateral schizencephaly. At birth, doctors told her mother Kim Morash that Danna was not likely to live to be a year old. 

Zinck cannot speak and needs a wheelchair to get around. Her family was in need of an accessible vehicle, as back problems prevented other family members from lifting Zinck, said Morash.

She said lifting her daughter into and out of a car was "insane" and "hurt us all."  

Surprise for the family

Zinck's grandfather Murray is a long-time employee of All-Craft in Bedford, N.S., and the company decided to put away some of the profits from every project completed over the last two years. 

All-Craft's father and son team Justin and Brian Johnston surprised the family with a cheque, that enabled the family to afford the new van. 

"They didn't know how much we were raising, or what our goal was. Our goal was originally $15,000, and we surpassed that," said Justin Johnson.

"I've known Murray for 20 plus years, and he's a tremendous individual. He's a huge asset to our company and it was a way to give back to him and to give back to the family," said Brian Johnston. 

For Morash, the new van means added freedom and independence for her daughter. 

"I couldn't stop crying, because I've never felt this kind of generosity," said Morash. "It still gets me." 

The Johnstons said they plan to do more community work including working with Habitat for Humanity and the Relay for Life.