Beeton development subject to conditions by the Town

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A planned development in the west end of Beeton that was approved by a Minister's Zoning Order will now require the submission of a Plan of Subdivision application along with the requisite studies and reports to the Town, who is the approval authority.

Minister's Zoning Orders allow the province to give the go-ahead on developments when developers skip the normal process and appeal directly to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

The Zoning Orders have become controversial since a legislative bill was passed that broadened the powers of the Minister to approve developments across the province.

Ministers Zoning Orders were initially intended to be used in areas that did not have the population

base or local government in place to make development decisions or create infrastructure.

The new Zoning Order procedures and authority over development has received a lot of criticism from environmental groups who say the Orders allow developers to build on environmentally sensitive areas like wetlands without any impact studies, simply because the Minister can give the go ahead with a signature.

When a Zoning Order is approved, there are no conditions applied to the Order.

As per the Planning Act, the Town has the legislative ability to impose conditions to the approval of a Plan of Subdivision.

When the Town receives any Plan of Subdivision application, included in one of the initial steps is the requirement for potential developer to undertake a master service plant to identify infrastructure needs and planning such as transportation, water and wastewater servicing and drainage

A master servicing plan must then be presented which would then be reviewed by the Town.

There is an opportunity for Town Council to impose requirements to a Plan of Subdivision through the provisions of the Planning Act, RSO 1990 (section 51) including the adequate provision f a full range of housing including affordable housing.

Council can request that the applicant provide the Town with specific details such as the shape and dimensions of each proposed affordable housing unit and the approximate location in relation to other proposed residential units.

Brian Lockhart, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, New Tecumseth Times