'Bel-Air' trailer shows 'Fresh Prince' rebooted as a drama

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A new trailer for forthcoming Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot Bel-Air reveals the new version of the Will Smith show as a drama rather than a sitcom.

Fans of the original 90s sitcom will remember the show, which starred Will Smith as a fictionalised version of himself, Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro, as being full of laughs and slapstick comedy moments.

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But the remake, which has been produced by Smith although he doesn't star in it, has a completely different feel - although it's still about a teen whose life gets turned upside down after moving in with his aunt and uncle in Bel-Air to escape a fight that broke out on a basketball court in his home town of West Philadelphia.

Jabari Banks is taking over Will Smith's character in Bel-Air. (Peacock)
Jabari Banks is taking over Will Smith's character in Bel-Air. (Peacock)

The wealthy Banks family are as glamorous as ever but a lot less laughable as they try to explain to Will (played by Jabari Banks) the lengths they have gone to in giving him a second chance at life.

Butler Geoffrey is also back, this time played by British star Jimmy Akingbola, but again he is far from being a comedy character.

First-look scenes show Will arriving at his luxurious new home, where he catches up with his cousins - Hilary, Ashley and Carlton have all been revisited for the new series.

Will Smith originally starred as the Fresh Prince.
Will Smith originally starred as the Fresh Prince.

He struggles to adapt to his new school and lifestyle which is far removed from the life he knew in West Philadelphia, but while The Fresh Prince mined the differences for laughs, Bel-Air sees Will as a conflicted and lost teen whose family have all but given up on him turning his life around.

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It's a glossy drama full of reminders of the series it has been based on, but looks like anything but a remake of the original.

Adrian Holmes and Cassandra Freeman star as Uncle Phil and Aunt Vivian, while Will's cousins are played by Olly Sholotan (Carlton), Coco Jones (Hilary) and Akira Akbar (Ashley) and Will's best friend makes an appearance, this time called Jazz and played by Jordan L. Jones.

Bel-Air begins streaming on 14 February on Peacock on Sky/NOW TV.

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