Belarusian dictator's grand Sochi residence revealed in new investigation

Alexander Lukashenko
Alexander Lukashenko

A sprawling new residence, complete with high-end amenities such as a hotel and restaurant complex, is currently under construction in the mountains near Sochi for Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, according to a report by The Insider on April 30.

Located in the village of Krasnaya Polyana, Russia, the luxurious estate is set to include features such as solid reinforced concrete walls, gilded door handles, multiple pools, kitchens, and heavily guarded security, investigative reports by Belsat and Belpol reveal.

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This extensive property, surrounded by the historic Celtic dolmens from the III-II centuries BCE, covers a staggering 97,248 square meters. It includes 12 structures with the main building alone taking up a third of the total area.

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The construction plan entails 12 structures covering a total area of 7,374 square meters on a plot spanning over 97,248 square meters. The main building alone will occupy one-third of this area.

The main structure will house a variety of facilities including a cloakroom, banquet hall, two types of kitchens, a dining room, lounge, cinema, security quarters, and a personal study. Additionally, its basement will offer luxury amenities like a swimming pool, Russian and Turkish baths, massage rooms, a gym, and even a ski room.

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A lounge area covering 62 square meters, a 20-meter sauna, two smaller bedrooms at 36 square meters each, and the main bedroom spanning 55 meters will be on the upper floor.

Three VIP cottages, each measuring 730 square meters, are planned near the main building. One of them will be adapted for people with reduced mobility and will include pools, a dining area, and three bedrooms, among other amenities.

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There will be a small four-room hotel measuring 348 square meters. Accommodations for staff will be situated below ground level. The first floor will feature a foyer, toilets, reception area, and a 74-square-meter dining room for 24 people. The second floor will house four 48-square-meter rooms.

The territory will also include a restaurant complex larger than the hotel, sports facilities, a checkpoint, garage, and a security building with six beds in the relaxation area and a weapons room.

Belpol suggests that the new complex is being constructed for Lukashenko, given the involvement of his closest associates and "wallets" in the purchase and construction scheme.

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Belsat suggests that Lukashenko may use this estate after leaving the presidential office, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. The decision to build the residence outside of Belarus was apparently made after the 2020 elections and subsequent protests.

Investigators claim that the residence is being built quietly, through a front company, with concerns that information about its purpose might reach the media.

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