Belfast golf course fairway gets roughed up by rowdy group

Belfast golf course fairway gets roughed up by rowdy group

Opening weekend didn't go as smoothly as planned at the Belfast Highlands Green golf course after some golfers did donuts on the fifth hole and tore up the fairway with their power carts.

The result of the joyride was a damaged fairway and some yard markers ripped out of the ground.

Keir White is the general manager of the Belfast Community Development Corporation that oversees Belfast Highland Greens.

He says opening weekend is always an exciting time of year for the golf course and didn't expect someone to vandalize it two days into the season.

White took to Facebook to share the damage.

He says the damage is cosmetic and won't cost much to fix, but it's the principle of the matter.

"A lot of effort goes into growing this grass, it isn't just your typical lawn mower cutting grass," he said.

The area they tore up was made more vulnerable because of how early it is in the season.

"The golf course is very dry, but this is the one spot that has some moisture," said White.

'No need for that'

Preston Higginbotham is a regular at the course, and says it doesn't make sense why anyone would destroy property that they use themselves. 

"No need for that. People do strange things," said Higginbotham.

White says he won't press charges, but has identified the golfers and intends to speak with them directly.

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