What Is Bella Hadid’s Orebella Beauty Brand?

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It was only a matter of time before Bella Hadid developed her own commercial product. Her sister Gigi has her cashmere brand, Guest in Residence. Hailey Bieber has Rhode skin care. Selena Gomez has Rare Beauty. Kylie Jenner has more fashion and beauty brands than we can count. Now Hadid has Orebella—we just don't know what it is yet.

So what is Bella Hadid's Orebella? On February 27, she posted a short teaser clip ahead of the brand's launch, showing herself in close-up with what looks like a floral-pattern filter over her face. Audio from Sade's “Kiss of Life” plays in the background. In the caption, Hadid wrote, “May 2. My passion. My baby. @orebella. Link in bio.”

Obviously, that's not a lot to go on. Unfortunately, there's not much information on the new venture on the brand's website either. Orebella.com leads to a 13-second clip that zooms into Hadid's blue eye, which transforms into a kaleidoscopic montage of lo-fi landscape photography, before zooming back out again. A voice-over recites the brand's tagline, “Reveal your alchemy.” She's also posted this video to her IG, adding in the caption, “Link in bio to get on the list & get an exclusive gift at launch.”

The tagline suggests the products will involve some kind of personalization, but it's not clear what those products will be. According to Page Six, Orebella's trademark application from 2022 indicated that the brand will sell a variety of scented products, including fragrances, scented oils and lotions, and hair care products, as well as fragrance diffusers and scented candles.

We can also make an educated guess that Orebella will be sold at Ulta, based on Hadid's February 8 Instagram post of a photo of her posing at the Ulta headquarters in Chicago.

But it looks like we'll have to wait until the line actually drops to find out any more information than that.

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