Tory MP calls on Boris Johnson to appoint minister for men

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Ben Bradley has called for the government to appoint a minister for men. (
Ben Bradley has called for the government to appoint a minister for men. (

A Conservative MP has called for Boris Johnson to appoint a minister for men.

Ben Bradley, leading a House of Commons debate marking International Men’s Day on Thursday, asked why there are ministers for women and equalities, but none for men.

He labelled it “positive discrimination at the expense of certain groups”.

As part of the debate, Mansfield MP Bradley asked what parliament can do to address men’s issues.

He said: “We can change the discourse here for starters. Can we look again at equalities legislation?

“If we hold a whole department to account with people dedicated to ensuring that women are considered – quite rightly so – why not the same for men?

“Why have a minister for women but not one for men? Why single out one characteristic for special mention?

“Can we ensure equality means just that, rather than positive discrimination at the expense of certain groups? Male as equally protected as female.”

Cabinet member Liz Truss is the women and equalities minister, with responsibility for “developing an equalities policy that it is based on individual autonomy and dignity” and “promoting equality of opportunity for everyone”.

There is also a minister for equalities, Kemi Badenoch, and minister for women, Baroness Berridge.

Badenoch, speaking for the government at the end of the debate, said of Bradley’s calls: “Some of his questions, especially around whether we should have a minister for men, are above my pay grade, but I think this is something that I will definitely raise with [Truss] and also with the prime minister.”

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