Benoit Paire takes fury out on 3 different rackets in violent tennis meltdown at Citi Open

Benoit Paire went on a racquet-smashing bender Tuesday in a remarkable meltdown during a loss at the Citi Open. (AP)

There’s something about tennis that gets players’ blood boiling.

Some of sports’ greatest meltdowns happen on the tennis court, and France’s Benoit Paire added his name to the list on Tuesday at the Citi Open in Washington, D.C.

Paire, trailing Cyprus’ Marcos Baghdatis 4-2 in the third set of the hardcourt event, failed to convert an overhead smash that crashed into the net instead of past his opponent. The miss-hit gave Baghdatis a 5-2 lead in the set.

Paire unleashes fury on first of 3 broken tennis rackets

Then Paire completely lost it, taking his frustrations out on multiple tennis rackets in the process.

The first busted racket is impressive and violent, if not particularly remarkable. He lost a big point and immediately took his frustrations out against the hardcourt, which we’ve seen before.

It’s his follow through that sets this particular rant apart. When it looked like he was done venting, Paire stood up and walked to his chair, giving his racket one more toss for good measure.

Having gotten all he could from his first broken racket, Paire stomped on some of his belongings by his chair before picking up another racket and immediately bouncing it off the court.

Paire appears to cool off … but not so much

Paire was assessed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and appeared to gain his composure before restarting the match. Surely that was it, right?


Paire walked out of his way to retrieve the two broken rackets that had been set aside, and casually tossed them onto the playing surface for the ballboys who had already cleaned up his mess to once again retrieve the smashed sporting goods.

Fast-forward to match point for Baghdatis, and Paire, having completely given up on the match, failed to attempt to return his serve. With the match in the books, Baghdatis then slammed another racket off the court before approaching Baghdatis.

Paire still a good sport at the end

This may have been the best part of the ordeal as Paire appeared to genuinely congratulate Baghdatis for the win before shaking the hand of the chair umpire as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

At least he realized he only had himself to be angry with.

But he wasn’t quite done, as a spectator from the stands caught his parting shot to a booing crowd as he walked off the court.

Good show, Benoit.

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