Bensalem Residents Find Trampoline in Tree Following Tornado

A tornado caused “widespread destruction” in the Bensalem and Trevose areas in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, July 29, one of at least seven twisters to strike the region.

Classified as an EF-3 tornado, with peak winds of up to 140 mph, it left a Trevose car dealership in tatters, as well as “completely” destroying a number of homes at Weiss Trailer Park and Penn Valley Trailer Park, according to local reports.

Residents in Bensalem did find some humor among the damage though as the weather event left a trampoline sitting atop a tree at the corner of Tatham Road and Palton Road.

Footage shot by Michael Vincent Finazzo shows the puzzled locals looking at the trampoline. Finazzo added though that “a lot of damaged occurred” owing to the tornado. Credit: Michael Vincent Finazzo via Storyful

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