Berlin charges Bundeswehr servicemember with espionage


A German citizen previously serving in the Bundeswehr has been charged with collaboration with Russian intelligence and violation of state secrets privilege, Germany’s Federal Prosecutor's Office announced on March 19.

According to the press release, German national Thomas H. has been indicted on charges of working with Russian special services and disclosing classified information.

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Thomas H. was known to be a career soldier at the Bundeswehr's Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology, and Support.

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The prosecutor's office adds that since May 2023, Thomas H. had repeatedly approached the Russian General Consulate in Bonn and the Russian Embassy in Berlin, voluntarily offering his cooperation.

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On one occasion, he passed on information to Russian intelligence that he had acquired through his professional activities.

The accused was arrested on August 9, 2023, and has since been in custody.

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