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If you’re on almost any social media platform, it’s likely that you've seen the many posts of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders sitting comfortably with his legs crossed and mittens on at the Inauguration this week. What does this mean and where did it all come from?

Photographer and political photojournalist, Brendan Smialowski, told CNBC in an interview that the photo itself “really isn't that great.” Smialowski wasn’t even covering Sanders but he caught the photo opportunity out the corner of his eye.

“I saw Senator Sanders out of my other eye kind of fiddling with his gloves. It was just a nice moment when he crossed his legs and crossed his arms,” Smialowski said. “I threw the camera over to him.”

Soon after this authentic, and rather quirky, photo was shared online, the internet did what it does best. The photo quickly became a trending topic, being widely shared and remixed. People from all over the world were photoshopping Bernie Sanders into their everyday photos. And Uxbridge didn’t miss out!

Bernie made it into the Uxbridge Health Centre waiting room, snuck his way into an Axis Chiropractic X-ray, visited the Holistic Salt Therapy and Cave and even stopped off at The Second Wedge for a local pint!

During an interview on Late Night With Seth Myers, Sanders admits that he didn't know the photo had become an internet sensation. Since then, the senator’s campaign store started selling the meme on sweatshirts, with 100% of proceeds going to Meals on Wheels Vermont.

Justyne Edgell, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Uxbridge Cosmos