Best car wash soap for 2021

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Keeping your car washed is important. Dirt, grime and more can overwhelm an exterior faster than you might think, and the worse the problem gets, the harder it's going to be to get your car shiny like new again. Luckily, it's pretty easy and affordable to get a good car wash soap that will meet your needs, but with so many soaps out there on the market, we decided to compile a list of some of the "best." Of course, everyone has their own idea of what the "best" car wash soap is, so this list is based on user ratings and reviews.

Mr. Pink Foaming Car Wash Soap - $24.99 at

Key features

  • 1 gallon container

  • Compatible with foam cannons, foam guns, or bucket washing

  • PH neutral

  • "Extra slick"

  • Leaves "no residue" after rinse

  • Candy scented

Featured five-star review:

"As a detailing enthusiast I spend time using waxes and sealants that are far better than soaps with included waxes. When you use a car soap with included waxes it ends up coating your premium sealant or wax that you spent hours applying with a crappy one masking over it [that has] poor wax properties. This is one of the few soaps that is wax free, meaning you can safely remove contaminates to bring alive your premium products without masking it with a crappy [wax]." - Amazon reviewer, Kashi

Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam Car Wash Soap - $9.99 at

Key features

  • 16 fl. oz. bottle

  • Eliminates dirt, grime and environmental contaminants

  • Safe on paint, rubber, vinyl, glass and plastics

  • "Dilute with one cap to five gallons of water to produce billions of scrubbing bubbles"

  • pH-neutral formula

  • Fresh, natural scent

Featured five-star review:

"Don't pay any attention to these people complaining that you still have to use a mitt or microfiber [towel] to clean the car. They're just ignorant about how to clean a car. This soap foams and clings and provides fantastic lubrication for using a mitt or micro. There is no such thing as a soap that cleans a car all by itself without touching the car, no matter how long you let the soap soak. This soap does exactly what a car enthusiast would want. The rest of these people are just lazy and don't want to actually work to clean the car and think a soap will do it for them." - Amazon reviewer, JudyK

CarGuys Super Cleaner - $16.99 at

Key features

  • Multi-purpose/Multi-surface cleaner

  • Works on all interior and exterior surfaces except glass or instrument panel screens

  • Product listing shows the cleaner as being usable on upholstery, fabric, canvas, leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber, bird poop, grease, tree sap, metals, wood trim and more

  • Mixed and bottled in the USA

Featured five-star review:

"I have tried many, many different sprays, wipes and concentrates for cleaning vehicle interiors. This is my personal favorite. I love how it penetrates even the most hard stuck-on dirt and makes it easy to wipe up. After a few days with my windows open I noticed that unlike other detail sprays this one dries completely matte and leaves no sticky residue behind. Everyone can appreciate that. The only downside I can think of is that I didn't order enough. One spray bottle lasted [for] one full size pickup light detail (new GMC Sierra) and one full size pickup ... extreme detail (very very dirty contractors work truck). I highly recommend this product and look forward to many gallons more. It's well worth the money spent. Work smarter, not harder. This is the ticket." - Amazon reviewer, Mom of 2

Chemical Guys Extreme Bodywash & Wax Foaming Car Wash Soap - $9.97 (23% off) at

Key features

  • 16 oz. bottle

  • Two-in-one premium bodywash shampoo and synthetic gloss enhancer

  • Extreme foaming wash

  • pH-balanced

  • Formulated with a synthetic and carnauba wax to reduce water spots

  • Dilute by adding 1 oz. to 5 gallons of water

Featured five-star review:

"I have been detailing cars for quite some time now. I have used 100s of car shampoos, and this one has to beat them all. If you are washing your car every week, this will leave a "just waxed" feeling. It does a great job cleaning bugs and tar off. I use it in a foam cannon, and it foams up just as good as Maxi Suds. The scent is great as well. For its price, nothing can beat this." - Amazon reviewer, RP

Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash - $22.95 at

Key features

  • 1 gallon container

  • All-in-one shampoo and conditioner

  • Cleans without stripping wax

  • Contains ultra-rich conditioners to make your paint shine

  • Can be used with a foam cannon (dilute 5:1)

Featured five-star review:

"I am pretty particular about my trucks and cars and would say I am pretty much an amateur detailer, if there is such a thing. Over the years I have tried many different car wash soaps and I have to say this one is the best I have found. The scent is mild and nice, not offensive at all. [It] seems gentle on the hands and leaves the car with what I would call a glow. [It] makes great suds and rinses off really well, [I] never get any residue or spots. This gallon size on Amazon is a great value and will last a long time. I also like that the gallon size comes with a flip top that allows you to squirt some in the bucket with out removing the cap. A little detail, but its much more convenient. Typically, I buy one of these a summer and I am good [until] next year. [I] highly recommend this product." - Amazon reviewer, MTC

Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine - $43.78 at

Key features

  • 1 gallon container

  • "Contains exclusive blend of high lubricating polymers that bond to paint while releasing dirt and grime for a safe, brilliant finish"

  • Uses only a fraction of the water required for a conventional car wash

  • Safe for any vehicle surface

Featured five-star review:

"As a professional detailer, I've been using Optimum No Rinse for a couple years now. This stuff is amazing. [It's] easy to use, [just] dilute it down for whatever your needs are, clay bar lube, wash, quick detail... I use 1 oz in two gallons of water with a couple microfiber towels soaking in it and a 64 oz spray bottle with 2 oz of Optimum in that. Working one panel at a time, spray, wipe with [a] soaked microfiber and dry with microfiber drying towel, [and you get a] scratch free wash every time. I can't think of anything in my 20 years in the industry that comes close." - Amazon reviewer, Daniel Z.

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