The best electric cupcake makers

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 (Shutterstock / Ruth Black)
(Shutterstock / Ruth Black)

National Cupcake Week (September 18-24) is the perfect excuse to whip up your own miniature bakes at home.

Whether you’re cooking with the kids or by yourself on those empty calendar days, these nifty machines will help you get the job done without the hassle and hazards of baking trays and an oven in next to no time.

Here are five of the best machines for freshly-baked cupcakes.

1. American Originals 6 Cupcake Maker

The automatic temperature control on this little maker allows for effortless and accurate baking every time. It cooks six full-sized treats in roughly 10-12 minutes and has a red metallic finish that will bring a stylish pop of colour into any kitchen. Among other items included are 8 nozzles for icing and 50 cupcake cases to present your bakes.

£14.99, Amazon, Buy it now

2. Breville Cupcake Maker

Breville’s retro-looking cake machine offers plenty of bangs for your buck. It uses similar technology as the brand’s popular toastie makers and comes complete with a range of accessories such as a reusable piping bag, nozzles and pink cupcake cases. What’s more, its non-stick plates can be wiped clean to save you from extra washing up. It cooks up to 8 treats in as little as 10 minutes.

£41.72, Amazon, Buy it now

3. Sweet Treats Dainty Delights Maker

If ordinary cake shapes just won’t cut the mustard, then this clever gadget featuring eight different designs is just what you need. Its neon indicators make it easy to cook at the right temperatures and it comes with a collection of sweet and savoury recipes to inspire you. The fastest machine on this list, it bakes in just 4-5 minutes – perfect if you’ve got last minute-guests to impress.

£29.99, Lakeland, Buy it now

4. Gourmet Gadgetry Vintage Tea Party Cupcake & Muffin Maker

This cute, compact design will whip up 7 cupcakes or muffins and won’t take up too much space in your cooking area. It offers intense heat from the upper and lower baking plates to ensure an evenly cooked outer and centre. Recipes and decoration ideas included.

£23.74, Amazon, Buy it now

5. Swan Cupcake Maker

This one is designed with fixed cupcake plates crafted from aluminium and finished with a non-stick coating for easy release. It bakes in batches of 7 and features a cool touch handle, making it safer to use around children. The indicator lights let you know when the machine is ready to cook, while its non-slip feet provide stability. A great choice for any family home.

£23.70, Amazon, Buy it now

VERDICT: The charming vintage appearance and impressive cooking power of Breville’s Cake Maker is hard to beat, but if you’re after a machine that will make your batch really stand out on your Instagram page then the Sweet Treats Dainty Delights Maker, with its eye-catching designs, is the one for you.