The best breathable face coverings for working out

Vinciane Ngomsi
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The best breathable face coverings for working out
The best breathable face coverings for working out

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After months inside replaying the same home workout video, you’re probably over your standard 30-minute burn session. However, it’s still generally unsafe to be outside without proper protection. Most masks, while lovely in appearance, aren’t made with the proper material to wear while on a run or a long bike ride. Thankfully, some companies have come to the rescue and launched their own line of coverings for fitness enthusiasts.

Ahead, we listed some of our favorites, including feedback from five-star reviewers who loved their purchase. Some have built-in slots for filters, while others are triple-layered for your safety. No matter what your preference is, there’s an option for you.

Keep in mind, a face covering will not protect you from getting virus, although the CDC recommends that coverings help prevent COVID-19 from spreading if you’re in a public space.

“CDC is additionally advising the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others.”

Grab your favorite styles before they sell out and remember that even with a covering, it’s important to maintain proper social distancing.

“I am a physician and initially got this just wanting something that I could wear when seeing patients in clinic to save on PPE and not fog my glasses but it was so comfortable when I got it that I started using it for running and biking. The top part can be conformed to your face and limits fogging and sits comfortably. I have worn for 6-7hrs at a time without it hurting my ears. It is also the only mask I have found that I can run or exercise in for more than 5 minutes without feeling like I’m suffocating.”

“I have tried many masks and finally found that the Carbon38 is very comfortable compared to others. The material is soft and the adjustable straps makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time, without causing the back of my ears to be sore.”

“Good product for covering face, cut is nice and fit is good. only problem is for anyone with glasses. Because it doesn't have any shapable nose piece to keep tight you end up steaming your glasses while breathing.”

“I'm a psychiatric nurse that works in an office setting, and we're only seeing patients over video right now, but we still have to wear masks 8-9 hours a day. I was given the option of wearing the same medical-grade disposable mask for a week, or using a cloth mask. I initially picked the first option, but holy crap, my face broke out like I was 14. Switched to cloth and that was better since I can wash them, but most of them are so hard to breathe in. Happened upon these from a Facebook ad, and honestly it's the best thing I've discovered from Facebook. Super breathable and comfortable, and way cute!”

“I bought these to use both when I'm out and about and when I go running. They are my new favorite masks. The first time I wore one I went to the grocery store, and the mask—even with an anti-pollution filter inserted—was cooler and more comfortable than my other cloth mask or the disposable ones. Then I ran in one, also with the filter, and was very impressed with the comfort, as well as the strap to hold it on—it didn't budge. I went ahead bought another package for my husband to use in the gym.”

“I washed my mask upon receipt as it had a slight smell. I have also washed it since wearing and it holds its shape well. Mine was flesh colored. Having a “nose” imprinted on one side made it easy to know how to wear it. The mask was very soft and comfortable; it was a nice knit fabric that provided good coverage. It has just the right amount of elasticity for the size of my face/ears.”

“So far so good. It does pick up moisture during a run so that by end of run, it's hard to breath easy. But overall solid product.”

“I love my new mask. The fit is awesome! The way it fits, it feels like it was taylor made for me. I am definitely ordering more.”