The best films on TV: Wednesday, 1 April

Ben Stiller in a still from Dodgeball (20th Century Fox)

No tricks from TopFilmTip today as we bring you interrogating exorcists, cult comedy, action & adventure with the best free films on TV for Wednesday, 1 April.

Telepathic The Doors fan / NYPD-cop & sexy sultry priest investigate demonic possessions in elegant chomping creepfest Deliver Us From Evil 9pm Horror Channel  

Professional sports cheat Lance Armstrong lies to well-meaning actor Vince Vaughn against backdrop of pirates versus ninjas ball sports battle league in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story 9pm Film4 

Besieged be-bearded Benghazi-based beleaguered bodyguards battle Tango blitz in bloody, bullet-bathed, ballistic Bay-hem 13 Hours 10:50pm Film4

Hard boiled cops bring vigilante war to sadistic crime lord in body-ripping, Christmas shooting, sexy smoking gun fun Gangster Squad 11:10pm ITV4

Perpetually spooked 20-something hotties flee metaphorical monster in 9/11 allegory: smashing found footage kaiju carried narrative perfection Cloverfield 11:25pm 5 Star

After single facial touch begins exponential spread of new-flu virus, global civil unrest & societal breakdown ensue leaving CDC to seek a cure in prophetic pandemic thriller Contagion 00:45am ITV2

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