The best friends behind lifestyle brand Teakwood and Rose Co. want to bring a sense of home to online retail

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When the pandemic hit, Bailey Knack found herself in the same position as most people – out of work and looking for new hobbies.

Knack quickly turned to candle making, something she had always wanted to try but never had. Soon, her friend Heather Pooley got in on the act as well.

“I was always super creative as a kid, but never really found that outlet I enjoyed until much later in life,” said Knack.

“I tried different hobbies and then finally knew I wanted to create something surrounding my home because I wanted to spend more time there.”

The Cambridge natives started, a lifestyle brand that offers homemade scented candles, loungewear and hair accessories. The online store brings an array of handmade products and candle scents ranging from toasty embers to cotton sheets.

The scents are mostly created based on instinct.

“We base the scents off of things we like personally,” said Knack. “Like I’m really into the sweet flavour food type of candles. Our spice cake scent is my favourite, because it reminds me of baking at Christmas time.”

For both working mothers, home and family is at the centre of their inspiration.

Pooley, who is a mom to four rambunctious boys, said that baking and cooking is always at the heart of her home and inspires the musky scents she loves.

“Working around our kids is so important,” said Pooley.

“We’re both home as much as we possibly can be. Our house is a little bit chaotic sometimes but I think we work well under stress.”

The pair hope to expand their business to include other small businesses, offering them a chance to sell homeware products through their store.

“Especially with everything that happened this last year and a half, watching people lose their business and their life’s passion, we just want to be able to support people and show them that we are here,” said Pooley.

In a year where things have felt so unstable, Knack and Pooley hope to offer that comfort to others.

“Home is a lot of things,” said Pooley. “It’s full of noise and small kids, but it’s also full of love.”

Genelle Levy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Cambridge Times

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