Best iPhone 7 Plus screen protectors to shield your big, beautiful display

Kyree Leary

The iPhone 7 is a sizable financial investment, but the larger iPhone 7 Plus is even more expensive. Covering the entire phone to keep the body dent- and scratch-free is one thing, because nobody wants to get their new toy scratched up within a month, but you shouldn’t neglect the front of the smartphone. After all, the touchscreen is the part you’ll be using the most.

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It’s a good idea to equip your smartphone with a screen protector, but selecting the right one isn’t always easy given the multitude of choices. Some boast features like scratch resistance, while others offer self-healing and anti-yellowing properties. Some are definitely better than others, and those are the ones you want. That’s why we’ve found the best iPhone 7 Plus screen protectors on the market and gathered them here. Picking the right protector for your newfangled device is rarely as easy.

The Best

OtterBox Alpha Glass ($19+)


For the best screen protection, you want to go with OtterBox, a manufacturer that’s often brought up when talking quality smartphone cases. The Alpha Glass is a bit pricier than some of the others on this list, but that money gets you quality protection that revels in a crystal-clear design, perfect touchscreen sensitivity, and scratch and shatter resistance. Even if you drop your iPhone and it lands face down, you shouldn’t have to pick up the shattered remnants of your screen protector or, more importantly, your iPhone’s display.

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The Rest

Moshi Airfoil Glass ($40)


Moshi’s Airfoil Glass is designed to make the application process easier, eliminating air bubbles. A special adhesive layer makes this possible, and once the protector is applied, it’s fairly difficult to spot, especially if you use a case. The Airfoil Glass also reduces the number of fingerprints and smudges you’ll find blemishing your display, thanks to an oleophobic surface coating. Rounded edges, cutouts for the speakers and camera, and a build that’s 40 percent thinner than other protectors all make for an ergonomically friendly accessory that doesn’t interfere with your iPhone 7 Plus. Thankfully, it will still be there to take the hit if and when your phone takes a tumble.

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Skinomi MatteSkin ($10)


If you often use your smartphone in the great outdoors, Skinomi’s MatteSkin could be the way to go given it has anti-glare properties that make it easier to see your display in direct sunlight. The MatteSkin completely covers the front of the phone, too, instead of just the touchscreen. The material is capable of slowly fixing smaller scratches over time, and it should cut down on finger smudges. This screen protector also promises protection against scratches, precise punctures, and everyday use, and it’s made with cases in mind, so you shouldn’t have to deal with peeling when using a case and the MatteSkin together.

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TechMatte amFilm Tempered Glass ($9)


The amFilm screen protector doesn’t completely cover the front of your iPhone 7 Plus, but this allows space for protective cases and room for adjustment during the application process. For those seeking edge-to-edge protection, amFilm’s design choice may be disappointing, but this protector still safeguards the touchscreen. The 1080p HD display won’t be compromised, nor will touchscreen functionality or accuracy, so you can continue to use 3D Touch normally. It’s incredibly thin, but will prevent scratches and fingerprint marks, and should take the sting out of any drops your phone encounters.

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Omoton Full Coverage Tempered Glass ($16)


Omoton’s screen protector is more of a face plate, one that covers the entire front of the iPhone 7 Plus. It provides edge-to-edge protection, and that extends even to the curved edges of your iPhone. Thanks to its ultrathin design and appearance, it resembles the iPhone’s front face, so you’ll hardly be able to tell you’re using a screen protector. Scratch resistance is the leading feature, but clarity, bubble-free installation, and the case’s ability to fend off oil residue and smudges round out the rest of its features.

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